Business First Aid Kits

While you may not think about major injuries in your place of business, the fact is that hundreds of serious workplace injuries take place every year in businesses large and small, in office spaces and factories alike. We’ll review some of the major and minor injuries that can be treated with a basic first aid […]

The Times They Are A-Changin’, and Music Business School Graduates Are Creating New Business Models

The state of the music business – and therefore the curriculum taught in a music business school – is undergoing a sea change. Look no further than the most popular television program in the United States, “American Idol,” which defies the long-standing tradition of musicians honing their craft on the club circuit, building their chops […]

Success Tips For Direct Sales Business

As a longtime volunteer in an organization in my community; one of my jobs is to help to replace women who leave their positions with the organization. This year we lost one of our most valued leaders. Her family finances had become challenging due to down sizing in her husband’s company and so she was […]

The Small Business Myth of Job Creation

I have been a small business owner for my entire business career. Most of those small businesses have been real estate ventures of come type such as real estate brokerages, property management and owning different types of real estate. But I have also owned and been involved in insurance, restaurants, bars, garment factories, hotels, building […]