Wholesale Clothing Business – Some Myths About Wholesale Clothing

Longing to have your own clothing store where you can fully embrace your passion in fashion? Starting up your Clothing Store might be a challenge to you especially if you have limited budget. But thanks to the benefits of wholesaling! You can now get your clothing products at a price that is totally lower than those you usually seen at the mall and other retail clothing store. But you have to be careful because not all business people that announces ‘Products available for Wholesale” are genuine Wholesalers. Now here are some myth about purchasing wholesale clothing.

1. Buy one Take One – Now this is common to most clothing stores. Yes, Wholesale means we are buying more than one item. But not this kind of promo. Buy one take one does not mean that you are getting the clothing at a wholesale price. This is just a promo offer that works for a retail outlet. There are overhead expenses attached to it when you give in to this retail promo offer.

2. 50% to 70% Discount for a Minimum Purchase – Again, this promo offer cannot be regarded as buying wholesale clothing. Yes, you can get discounts when you buy more than one piece of apparel specifically when you reached their required minimum purchases. But still, you are not getting the product at lowest rate. This kind of offer is also common to retail store and when you purchase to retail store you are actually getting the product with their transactional expenses.

3. Factory Outlet Store – Some give in to the idea that they are buying clothing at factory prices because of its name. Again, you are getting it all wrong! While it is true that most of the clothing manufacturer have factory outlets but they are not selling it at a Wholesale Prices. It is because they are renting for the location of the store and paying for the salary of their sales staff. These overhead cost are added to the original price of the clothing. It is possible that you can get clothing at lower prices at the factory outlet store but you are not buying the clothing at a real wholesale price.

4. Wholesale Clubs – you might think that these clubs sell wholesale clothing, but actually they are not. They actually have the same prices as that of the retail shops. It is because they are spending on their advertisements, sales staff, location, and insurance that are all added to the original price of the clothing. But these Wholesale Clubs are able to give you clothing at low prices when you buy by bulk. But you are not actually getting the best deal when it comes to prices.

There are lots of people that are venturing in Clothing Business. And like many other, their concepts are not far away from each other. You might be transacting business with people who are also at the same business level as yours. So be careful!