Work From Home – Part 10 – The Internet Business Model

Work From Home: The Internet Business Model. How does one explain something that has never existed before? “The River Of Gold” some call it.

“In life you need either inspiration or desperation.” -Tony Robbins

A couple of really short stories will illustrate the internet business model you use as you work from home.

Exhibit A: An internet business can be started by anyone with an internet access. It is the portal to the largest, richest market that has ever existed; the World Wide Web. How great would it be to base your internet business model on such a huge market?

Can you relate to this:

“Mommy, I don’t want to get up,” little Anna mumbled.

Karen hated this part of the work day the worse. Waking her little two year old daughter from a deep sleep. She looked at the clock. 5A.M.! They were running late!

After a hectic hour of showering herself, changing and bathing a little bum, feeding the two of them and quickly dressing, they were ready to go.

Driving down the street, Karen glanced over at her friend Marilyn’s house. She could see her waving merrily through the kitchen window.

Marilyn was drinking coffee and working at her laptop. She loved trees so now she ran a tree seedling business she had built on the internet.

Her products were custom monogrammed so that the little trees could be given as gifts at weddings and other special times. After a slow start, she was doing very well.

“Better than me,” Karen mumbled as she got the first glimpse of the gridlock on the turnpike. It was going to be another long, grueling day for little Anna.

4 starter ingredients of the internet business model so that you can work from home:

  1. Basic plan: learn how to attract visitors and sell to them.
  2. Simplicity: Learn as you go, from your house, mostly for free.
  3. Profitability: As you learn, you find what pays and what doesn’t and you gamble nothing.
  4. Best to start part time: It is very hard to jump in full time to make a living (and risky). Slow and easy leads to success.

Exhibit B: Done properly, an internet business can be built up slowly or quickly with little to no risk or cost. Beware the “Get Rich Schemers!” They can ruin your chances to work from home.

How often has this happened?:

Harry could hardly hear what his supervisor was shouting in his ear over the din of the factory floor. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. He had watched the supervisor go from person to person operating the various machines. They all looked mighty sad and fearful after he had moved on to the next employee.

Motioning with his hand, the supervisor pointed to the coffee room. After having seated themselves, his supervisor ran trembling fingers through thinning hair and said, “Harry, I got some bad news from head office. They are closing us down. This here is your 30 day warning.”

Harry wasn’t too worried. “What’s the big deal, Pete? I got enough seniority. They have to find me another job or give me a cash buy out.”

Pete’s wrinkled face was grim. “There’s no transfers and no cash. The whole company is done. There’s a slight possibility that our last paycheck might not clear the bank.”

Harry was in a daze as he walked slowly back to his work station. This couldn’t be. This company had been around for over a hundred years. He had been with them over 30 of those years.

Someone walking by caught his eye. John was his name. They had started at the company at almost the same time. John also seemed disturbed, but not much. He frowned and looked around.

Harry remembered the guys giving John a good ribbing a couple of years before when he announced he was going to start a web business dealing with radio controlled airplanes, his passion since childhood. Apparently, it had grown into quite something. Hadn’t John mentioned not long ago that the only reason he was sticking around was to maximize his pension? He didn’t need it. It was going to be his gift to his grandchildren for their schooling. It sure looked like he had the means to work from home to replace the factory income.

The most valuable things about the internet business model:

A. Build on something you like.

B. Build at your own speed, learn slowly. Panic is a poor motivator.

C.Build from home, your own little cubby hole.

D. Keep it simple. It really is.